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Management of Anesthesia in Hereditary Spherocytosis


Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation, Malatya Training and Research Hospital, Malatya, Turkey

Arch Basic Clin Res 2021; 3: 132-134
DOI: 10.5152/ABCR.2021.20015
Read: 1329 Downloads: 419 Published: 21 October 2021

Hereditary spherocytosis (HS) is a type of hemolytic anemia. The severity of these outcomes varies from patient to patient, and splenomegaly occurs in every patient with HS. HS occurs mostly in young patients and very rarely in adults. The management of anesthesia is specific for these patients. We aimed to share our experience of a case of cholecystectomy of an 18-year-old female patient diagnosed with HS, under general anesthesia.

Herediter Sferositozda Anestezi Yönetimi
Herediter sferositoz (HS) bir tür hemolitik anemidir. Hastalığın şiddeti hastadan hastaya değişir ve HS’li her hastada splenomegaligörülür. HS çoğunlukla genç hastalarda ve çok nadiren yetişkinlerde görülür. Anestezi yönetimi bu hastalara özeldir. HS tanısı almış 18 yaşındaki kadın hastanın,genel anestezi altında kolesistektomi vakasıyla ilgili deneyimlerimizi paylaşmayı amaçladık.

Cite this article as: Koca E, Ertürk K. Management of anesthesia in hereditary spherocytosis. Arch Basic Clin Res. 2021; 3(3): 132–134.

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